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The first step to protecting your furnace and air conditioner is to protect it from unnecessary dust and dirt. There are many different options to choose from, but remember each filter will change the efficiency of your furnace and A/C. Usually, the cheapest and least resistive filter will allow your equipment to operate more efficiently; however over time, the dust and dirt that these filters allow into your equipment can cause high repair bills.

If you choose the most expensive, most resistive filter, it can cause your equipment to work harder to deliver the air necessary for it to work properly. Some equipment will even lock off because it cannot work properly without the right amount of airflow. Before choosing an expensive filter you should ask one of our experts to make sure your equipment can handle the extra resistance.

The filter that should be used in a furnace is a MERV 8, 1” thick pleated filter. These filters are still very affordable and will stop large amounts of dust and dirt to pass through. They usually need to be replaced every 2-3 months. They will also allow your equipment to work efficiently.

The best filter is a MERV 8, 4” thick pleated filter. It has more surface area but still allows a lot of airflow. These 4” filters will cost more upfront but only need to be replaced about every 6 months. These types of filters are perfect for your equipment and will still allow a great amount of airflow without causing a strain on your furnace motor.


Most people spend their time indoors. Indoor air quality can be a key factor in your quality of life. If you are looking for a filtration system to help protect you from allergies, dust mites and other indoor pollutants, you should consider purchasing a whole house air cleaner.

Zed-Air can help you make an educated decision about which air cleaner is best for you. We highly recommend the Lifebreath TFP 3000, as it has its own motor and puts the least amount of strain on your existing equipment. The TFP 3000 has a Hepa© filter built into it!

The Infinity Air purifier is also an excellent option especially when installing new equipment. Please contact us to help choose the right one for you!


Filters work great, but when the air in your house is more polluted than the air outside, why not just replace the indoor air with fresh air from outside! Heat recovery ventilators are the best way to freshen up the air in your house. These units not only help with controlling humidity in the winter, but they will also provide fresh air to your house all year round – without wasting the energy a traditional exhaust fan does. To learn more about these amazing units please contact one of our Lifebreath-certified professionals. Did we mention: Lifebreath is built right her in London Ontario!

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